Professional Ethical Decision-Making Made Possible

No matter what career you pursue, at some point you’ll have to make difficult ethical decisions.​

Should you serve only sustainable food at your restaurant? Should you fire employees to keep costs down and please stakeholders? If you design your own fashion line, how do you make sure the people making your clothes are treated fairly?

Be ready to lead — and make a difference in the global community — with a minor in Professional Ethics. You’ll take classes like Ethical Analysis, Ethics and Public Policy, 和法律, 医疗, Environmental or Business Ethics. Develop the reasoning skills you’ll need to navigate an increasingly complicated world with a lot of gray areas. 研究生 prepared to confront challenging issues and work through them in a thoughtful, fair way.

The Professional Ethics minor is part of the Department of 哲学.

Outside of the Classroom

食物 & 哲学 Ethics Series

A recurring event designed to stimulate intellectual conversations about current topics.

Past discussions have centered around topics such as:
  • Decisional Capacity and the Adolescent: Reconsidering the Doctrine of the Mature Minor
  • Genetically Engineering Our Children
  • 药物小贩 & Politicians: Why Al Capone is Morally Superior to Al Gore

For more info, contact: Dr. Mark J. 樱桃, 512-448-8536]


Watch a film and engage in thoughtful discussion afterward about issues presented in the film.

Examples of past films include:
  • 达格南制造
  • 的Cantinera
  • 哪条回家的路

For more info, contact: 詹妮弗·马塔, 512-428-1280

Fusion Discussion Group

教师, 工作人员, and students discuss their diverse and distinct perspectives on important and relevant issues. A brief reading is selected for discussion during lunch. Past discussion topics have included:



  • Ethics and bioethics
  • Social and political philosophy
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • The democratic values of inclusion
  • Self-governance in legal studies
  • 应用伦理学


The faculty in the 哲学 department at St. 爱德华的 University have collectively authored more than 20 books and several dozen articles for professional publications and research journals. These include work for The Annals of Bioethics, the book series Philosophical Studies in Contemporary Culture, The Journal of the International Society for the 历史 of 哲学 of Science, 和更多的.


"I teach because I believe it is important for students to have an intellectual “tool kit” that will help them succeed in their lives beyond college." 斯蒂芬·C. Dilley博士

"My approach to teaching, like many philosophers, is about asking individuals what an author means and how and why they agree or disagree with the author’s arguments." Jack Musselman, PhD

"I hope that through my courses I’m able to show my students what is possible in the world of knowledge and learning." 威廉J. Zanardi, Ph值