Culture and history matter — and a minor in 墨西哥裔和拉丁裔研究 will help you understand the most significant issues surrounding this rapidly growing population in the United States.

Whether you want to create a deeper connection with your own culture, or you’re planning a career where you’ll work with Chicanx and Latinx communities, this minor will equip you with valuable knowledge.

了解历史, social and political experiences of Chicanx and Latinx communities, including social justice movements. Analyze Chicanx and Latinx literary and artistic works, and appreciate how Latin American migration has influenced the United States. Consider how differences in national origin, 公民身份, gender and sexuality shape experiences within Latinx communities.

Whether you plan to pursue a career in business, 政府, 法律, 医学, 新闻, 社会工作, 教学, 宗教还是艺术, courses in this minor will equip you to approach issues in the Latinx and Chicanx communities with empathy and understanding.

For more information, please contact Regina来讲. The Chicanx and Latinx minor is part of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.


Students need to complete 18 course hours to complete the minor, with at least nine of these hours upper-division coursework. 


  • CHLX 1302: Introduction to 墨西哥裔和拉丁裔研究 
  • CHLX 3325: Identities, Communities and 社会正义

除了, students must take twelve hours of elective courses, including at least nine hours of upper-division coursework. At least nine hours of courses may not be counted to satisfy requirements for any other major or minor. 

Electives include courses on the U.S. 墨西哥边境, 墨西哥作家和艺术家, and other courses in Literature, 沟通, 西班牙语, 历史, 社会学, 政治科学 and 艺术历史.

 To declare the minor, fill out the form called “Student Curriculum Change Request” on MyHilltop.